Webinar LIVE :
Somerset Harp Festival & Hip Harp Academy Present

Exclusive Invitation to a Special FREE Webinar & Somerset Warmup Rally with Deborah Henson-Conant ("DHC")
"Improv Expansion Experience"
Sun. Mar. 26 at 3:30 pm EDY


Yes! I want to come to this FREE Preview!

Join us Sun. Mar. 26th for a FREE Warmup Webinar and Sneak Peek at Deborah Henson-Conant's Somerset 2017 "Improv Expansion" Full-Day Retreat.

Sun., Mar. 26th 3:30 pm EDT

Are YOU an impassioned harp player? Do you long to LIBERATE yourself from written music and learn to EXPRESS your SELF with your instrument

Meet Deborah Henson-Conant LIVE at SOMERSET in July 2017 for a full day “Improv Expansion Experience” – BUT FIRST Join her ONLINE Sun. Mar. 26 for a FREE 60-minute sneak peek at some of the top secrets she’ll be sharing at Somerset this summer.

In this FREE PLAYALONG WEBINAR for HARP PLAYERS ONLY you'll get a head-start on “Improv Expansion” with tips you can use immediately to improvise with the music you already play. 
  • You’ll learn WHAT TO IMPROVISE ON! One of the biggest challenges of improvising is knowing what to improvise ON and DHC will outline the top 4 ways you can improvise on a tune.

  • DHC will show you how  to “Stack your Improv Deck” with one of the easiest and most fun improv progressions you can have in your back pocket.

  • You’ll learn the single most important MINDSET of improvisation

  • You’ll get a special discount for DHC’s full day “Improv Expansion Experience” workshop at Somerset and learn how you can DOUBLE your repertoire in a single day.

  • DHC will share a quick overview of ALL the workshops she’s presenting at Somerset in July 2017 in the “Somerset Warmup Rally” – Including a run-down of the other amazing harp celebrities teaching at Somerset 2017.

REGISTERING FOR THIS WEBINAR includes the PDF Handout, and FREE membership in DHC's "Hip Harp Academy" Free Level - plus membership in DHC's mailing list. If you want to unsubscribe later, it's easy. Though I think you'll find the weekly newsletter is fun.

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